Cycle Lab Bike Skills

Cycle Lab Bike Skills is a professional skills improvement programme run by internationally accredited mountain bike skills coaches. The programme is progressional to allow ‘pupils’ of all ages and varying levels of competence to make incremental improvements at their own pace.

Cycle Lab Bike Skills includes a unique points-allocation system to allow mountain bikers to be graded according to their ability on each obstacle or action. This measurement system allows pupils to track their improvement and add further obstacle-specific sessions to strengthen any weaknesses. The programme is also tiered to ensure pupils are able to move up the grading as they improve.

There are both group sessions and solo sessions designed to suit all levels of mountain biker.


Bike Skills & Master Classes

The PwC Bike Park has an adventure for everyone – from experienced mountain bikers, to first time riders and kids. Complementary Master Classes are provided to both PwC Bike Park members and daily visitors to improve skills and enhance their mountain biking riding experience. We focus on rider safety, equipment knowledge and improving rider ability. We achieve this with certified instructors, carefully-selected training modules and catering for a variety of rider ability and skill levels. Click below to visit our calendar to see when YOUR next Master Class is taking place.


ModuleSkills LevelOverview
Getting to know my MTBNoviceNew riders, who are asking “I bought myself a bike and now what?
Introduction to Mountain BikingNoviceThen video introduces students to basic concepts of Mountain Biking and equip them to competently take on general Mountain Bike trails.
How to Repair Punctures (Tubes/Tubeless)Novice
How to do a puncture repair and minimise your chance of experiencing them, through an understanding of tyre pressure and riding line, for example.
My First Outride/Club RideNovice
This is hosted in conjunction with the Cycle Lab SuperCycling Club and departs from the Fourways Megastore. Novices can join the Beginners Group for a marshalled ride to the PwC Bike Park, where there will be a Beginner skills lesson.
Balancing & Body Positioning
IntermediateThe game changer for any Mountain Biker. You will learn techniques to increase your stability on the Mountain Bike for improved safety, performance and speed.
Basic Trailside Repairs (Getting Home)Novice
Instructors share tips and tricks to help with common mechanicals while out on the trails.
Cornering on Flat SurfacesIntermediate
Instructors demonstrate the art of Bike/Body separation for smoother and faster cornering to increase average speed and performance.
Cornering on BermsIntermediate
Instructors demonstrate the art of Bike/Body technique when riding banked corners called “Berms” and ridden in a specific way will maximise your speed.
Introduction to Drop OffsIntermediate
Aimed at the Novice Rider, this technical module teaches you how to tackle this obstacle with confidence and technique
Techniques to improve overall riding safety and speed through correct and appropriate braking.
Gearing and CadenceNovice
Improve your skills by learning correct gear selection for varying terrains and how to adjust your pedaling speed accordingly.
Terrain AwarenessNovice
Riders are taught greater situational awareness and how to make appropriate and timeous changes to their body positioning for a safer ride.
Body position and gearing are crucial to effective climbing and you will learn different climbing techniques for varying terrain conditions.
Body position and choosing the correct line are two key factors you will learn in this much-overlooked skill.
Ladies Only (Guided Outride)Novice
Ladies can join one of our qualified and skilled instructors for a relaxed ride in and around the PwC Bike Park. All levels are welcome with the emphasis on enjoyment. Skills pointers and questions are offered and welcome
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