ER24 are always ready to assist with any cut, scrape or any other emergency. Their team is on-standby from Monday to Friday, and on-site over the weekends.

The 10 guidelines of safe cycling

We want to make sure that everyone who visits and explores the PwC Bike Park has a safe and enjoyable experience. Take note of the following guidelines:

  1. Always wear your helmet. No Helmet, No Ride.
  2. Bikes must be in safe working condition.
  3. No smoking in the venue. Due to the number of children at our venue, we ask that smoking be limited to the designated smoking areas.
  4. Always follow the age limits and directional arrows for each trail:
    1. Single tracks are all one-way trails;
    2. Perimeter roads are all two-way trails;
    3. Always keep left; and
    4. Look out for oncoming cyclists and runners.
  5. Do not climb over the barriers, fences or cross the veld between trails.
  6. Never place objects on a trail that could damage or block the trail including wooden logs, stones or other foreign objects.
  7. Don’t throw litter or other items in the park, this damages the natural wetland environment and ruins the experience for your fellow cyclists.
  8. Stay hydrated! Make sure you have water with you.
  9. Be courteous when trying to pass other riders – always stay behind the rider in front of you until it is safe to pass.
  10. Always report any problems you observe on the trails or unruly behaviour of other guests to the venue reception.

Please respect the other riders at the PwC Bike Park, and always have fun!

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