Trail Colour Ratings

The PwC Bike Park uses the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) trail colour coding system.

Green (Circle):
 Easy flowing Single Track or Jeep Track suitable for new riders in the Bike Park environment. Perfect trails to build-up your riding confidence, balance and bike handling skills.

Blue (Square):
 Faster and more challenging single track trails designed for riders that are at an intermediate level in bike handling and technical riding ability. These trails should only be attempted once you have gained sufficient experience and skill on the Green Trails.

Black (Diamond): Fast and extremely challenging single track trails that must only be attempted by riders with high levels of technical ability. The trails include sudden changes in terrain, drop off paths and gap jumps that can cause serious injury to a rider with limited or recreational riding ability.

Double Black Diamond (Out of Category): Fast and dangerous single track trails that are designed for expert and professional riders honing their extensive technical riding ability. Please do not attempt these trails unless you fit into the expert or professional cycling category.

Each of the entrance signs has a numerical value. These range from 1 - 5, with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest. Green (1) is the easiest trail and Black (5) is the most challenging. The Double Black Diamond falls beyond the above and is rated as out of category.